Lawrence Morris is best known for his impressive beard and, formerly, Ben the great Dane.

Lawrence was unable to find a place designed for gentlemen to get their hair cut in style outside of London. That is how Bad Dogs and Englishmen, based in Guildford, was born.

Trained in London as a barber and having always worked in creative industries, it was a perfect fit. Never sitting still, Lawrence is always cleaning, adjusting or changing something to ensure the place looks great.

Offering the ‘London service’, in the heart of Guildford, is most important.


Elliot is best known for his love of football, eating out and (most importantly) cutting hair.

He started his career at Toni & Guy, and subsequently qualified in London. With a background in hairdressing, it’s this which cemented his hunger and passion within the industry.

Elliot has participated in London fashion week many times for Burberry, House of Holland and many more. Toni and Guy is where he learnt his impressive scissor techniques and the skills that allows him to give the perfect, low maintenance haircut.

After hanging up his scissors at Toni and Guy, Elliot decided barbering was his future. Elliot arrived at Bad Dogs as head barber. The rest, as they say, is history.

Elliot particularly enjoys scissor work re-styles and finding the perfect style.



Fintan is our newest member to join the team.

Having completed a barbering course in Manchester where he was taught the fundamentals, he joined Bad dogs and Englishmen under our apprenticeship scheme, closely mentored by Elliot.

Fintan also attended a course in London at the Toni and Guy academy where he experimented with creative men's styles guided by the art directors.

Fintan enjoys cutting classic styles and choppy textured looks.

Fintan likes all things sporty and walking his dog Wilson.